Aluminum Prints

If you want to get some pictures framed, the traditional frame on the wall is not your only option. You can very well use some of the latest innovations available in the market. One of the more interesting ones is the brushed aluminum prints.

Brushed Aluminum Prints

It not only provides your pictures with a high quality frame but also a classy look that other mediums may not be able to offer. It’s a fairly priced option that provides high quality results.

Type of Work

The prints acquired are excellent and have a pretty long shelf life as well. The medium is great for all kinds of pictures but particularly for those who love to have marvels of the modern architecture resting against their walls. It certainly does not mean that you cannot put a portrait picture or a candid personal snap on it.  

The Size

Put on a fantastic picture and place it on the wall as per your plan. Get the right size the suits the picture and the space on which it will be placed upon.

Mounting Options

For hanging it on the wall, you have a couple of options including stainless steel corner mounds. These are four in number and look well with the picture. It makes it pretty easy to hang when these are present.

You can also use hanging strips such as the ones offered by 3m. These are strong strips and can be found in stationery and photography aisles of most major stores. Get four of these strips for the picture according to size and placed it on all four corners of the aluminum frame. 

The Joy

You can get some good deals as well when you order in bulk which is always a good idea. Once you have placed them on your walls, these brushed aluminum prints will decorate your walls quite well and will remind you of some happy memories.

There aren’t many joys greater in life when one is able to reflect on the time gone by and feel blessed for whatever he or she had been blessed with in the past as well as in present times.