Acrylic Prints

The art of photography is moving forward as technologies improve everyday. There are many new innovations that have been introduce off late and new ones come to the scene every now and again, making previous impossibilities into routine matters of today.

The ways you can store your pictures and transform them onto frame to decorate your house are also evolving. There are many options that can be used to have some fantastic pictures of you and your loved ones printed in and put on wherever you want them. These are not only high quality but also reliable and long lasting. One of these options is the acrylic glass prints.

The Glass Prints

The acrylic glass prints are a reliable yet reasonably priced solution that has a long life.  The technique is not too complicated and the picture is printed behind the acrylic glass which protects the picture from ill effects of the environment.

In order to provide support, particularly for hanging purposes, a backing is placed behind the picture though it does not affect the look of the picture in any way. Not having this backing can cause the picture to sometimes bend as it hangs which is quite certainly something that one does not desire.

Quality of Work

It must be made sure that the printing quality is outstanding and provides sharp images. Using low quality ink or printer will ruin a perfect picture. It should also be made sure that the job is done by a specialist who will is at home with this particular kind of work.

Size Options

Like any other picture printing solution, the acrylic glass printing can be done in a variety of sizes. You can choose from these options keeping in mind which size will suit the particular picture or pictures and what kind of space do you have available to put these pictures on.

Mounting Options 

Generally there are a couple of options when it comes to mounting these on a wall. Ideally get stainless steel mounts installed in the glass at the corners which will allow an easy placement on the wall. Generally there are four mounts that give an artful look themselves.

You can also use sticking strips such as those made by 3m and are easily available in stationery stores as well as photographic supply departments of major stores. Make sure that you get a decent number of these strips to put on as they will have to hold a fair amount of weight for a long period of time. 

The Satisfaction

Once in place, you can look and enjoy some of your favorite snaps be it something from your childhood or something more recent. It will always bring you satisfaction and the investment is most certainly worth it.